Tuesday, April 24, 2007

alberto gonzales

Alberto Gonzales is a dick. I don't consider myself in any way more qualified to comment on political morality than Sigourney Weaver or Dee Snyder, but if you haven't been keeping up with the story here's how it goes. Alberto Gonzales was appointed U.S. Attorney General by George W. Bush in February of 2005 after he served as Bush's Secretary of State during his administration in Texas. He serves as the head of the Justice Department and is well known for having NEVER reviewed a case in which new evidence has been presented (new shit has come to light) after a death sentence is applied. He's got a short list of accomplishments, namely:

1.) Stating on record that there is no express grant of Habeus Corpus in the U.S. Constitution. (The right to a trial to prevent wrongful imprisonment)

2.) Allowing the FBI to send "national security letters" instead of judicially approved subpoenas to get access to 20,000 Americans private records including phone tapping and e-mails.

3.) Firing 8 U.S. Attorneys who were either investigating Republican officials or were not prosecuting enough Democrats who could be replaced with "loyal Bushies" ( <- that's a real quote, I shit you not)

Basically this guy is the biggest D-Bag to hold public office since Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks. Most of Congress has called for him to step down during his Senate hearing on his involvement in the firing of U.S. Attorneys, which is going on now. Feel free to write your Congressman/woman, bitches.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

IE and Barcelona

It's weeks since my last post and spring break has come and gone. The trip was a big success, as I got back to the US monday at midnight with all ten fingers and three testicles. I flew Air India through London to Shannon which I was obviously skeptical about(not as much about the flight being related to India as it not even being on the terminal map at O'Hare). I feel it a civic duty to inform the general public that Air India offers free alcohol the entire flight. I was cheated since I didn't realize until the last drink round that the booze was free and I could have earned back about 3/4 of the original flight price over the course of the seven and half hours. Only little orphan Annie knows the pain I felt. I got into Galway late that night, but the next day went with Katie and Kerry Donovan to the Cliffs of Moher, just another stunning beauty of the homeland.

Spain was flooring. Barcelona was one of the best cities I've seen. It feels very old but at the same time livable. We spent our nights out on Las Ramblas, a walking street with tons of bars and stores lining each street you passed. Coming from Ireland, the beer in Spain was a complete 180. Guiness to Estrella feels like when a child finally leaves diapers only to use Pull-Ups. To be honest, I don't think I've even let the trip sink in enough to discuss it in detail, but it's sufficient to say I was very pleased.


Knowledge Nuggets:

1.) The Irish make a mean cookie/biscuit with amazing prune-like abilities, aptly called Digestives.

2.) If Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude teaches us anything, it's that fat people on airplanes should have to buy two seats.

3.) If you want to blend in with the locals around bar time, start with a piercing. Or six. If you're a girl, snort a few lines and cut your bangs with a razor blade on an angle. If your a guy, bring 1 bottle of hair gel for each 3 days you'll be there, and don't forget your Yankees gear!


In unrelated ranting, check these tunes out. I've been trying the "Other Listeners Also Bought" on iTunes, which is actually kind of nice. I am a tool.

Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs, for the "I watch European football on T.V. all the time...well, the Champions League..." kid.

Club Foot - Kasabian, for the Madden playing, culture seeking meathead.

This is War - Ben Kweller, for the Sha-Sha era Kweller lovers craving nostalgia.

Phantas(magoria) - Locke, for the magical realist inside, or unbridled amounts of phaser.