Sunday, March 25, 2007

umphrey's, girl talk, and man man

Almost by accident, I went to two concerts this weekend. On Thursday, I went to the Umphrey's McGee show at The Orpheum. I bought the ticket months ago with a friend who is a much bigger fan, but I'd liked what I heard and enjoy going to concerts, so it was a no brainer. And, as expected, the show featured just as much the band as one of the native tribes of Madison, hippies. I've only been to one other show at the Orpheum, which was Yonder Mountain String Band in the fall, but I knew what to expect. I like jam bands and I am a big fan of hippies, but when the two meet in the Orpheum the whole is not equal to the sum of its parts, and I mean that in a less-than-impressive way. The concert turned out to be awesome (more rock than they normally do I guess?) even though people looked like they were about to pass out everywhere. For a band that has been touted as the next Phish, they lived up to the hype.

Saturday was a very long day. A friend of mine had his brothers in town so a couple of my teammates and I went to Reno 911:Miami on Saturday morning. The movie was perfect considering a.) the shape we got ourselves into after a long Friday night, b.) the movie cost $2.50. We played some baseketball and frisbee, ate some Jade Garden, then had a few beers before a free concert at Union South featuring Girl Talk and Man Man. I'd listened to some of Girl Talk's stuff, but was by no way familiar with what the show would be like. Man Man was like carnie music on percussion crack, but had a few moments of brilliance. Girl Talk was absolutely tight. Girl Talk is a guy named Gregg who mashes up everything from Romeo to Elton John to L.C.D. Sound System into some really sick tracks.

Since he only uses a laptop to set up the music, the entire stage is fair game as a dance floor. Not just the stage either, but literally everyone there was dancing with no remorse. Probably one of the best concert experiences overall, even though it only roughly qualifies as a concert rather than a dance party. As icing on the cake, turns out Ted Leo and the Pharmacists are coming to UW in late April! Chew on that, bitches.

In all the weekend was very pleasing, especially leading up to spring break. The best part is, I absolutely do not have crabs, no matter what anyone says.

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